Spiral Tie Dye

Our one-of-a-kind spiral tie-dye patterns are singularly crafted and hand dyed to ensure that each and every spiral tie dye t-shirt is as unique as its owner. Our dye artists use only 100% cotton t-shirts, which are all ring-spun knits, ensuring a buttery soft finish and enduring comfort to each garment. by using only 100% ring-spun cottons we ensure that our superior dyes are correctly absorbed by the garment during the hand-dyeing process and that they stay where they should after several washes—on your t-shirt, not down the drain. The raw prepared-for-dye t-shirts are all North American made and, with proper care, should keep you and your spiral tie-dye feeling groovier for longer.

We have created a wide range of colorways and patterns in this colelction including: the ever popular Dr. Leary—the classic 1960s style dye pattern with saturated purples oranges, reds and yellow; the Rorschach monochrome in shades of greys, whites and blacks; the Irie tie dye with black, red, yellow and green Rasta roots; and the Ohm, an cosmic trip through azzure blues and whites.

Our hand-crafted tie dyeing process ensures that each garment which leaves out dye studio is as unique as the wearer. Each shirt is individually folder, twisted, tied and then dyed—all by hand—to create these singular garments.

Enquire about Tie Dye Tees’ creation process and how we can create singular, hand crafted garments, for your next fashion project.


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