We field so many inquiries about our finishes and our dyeing processes everyday that we thought it might be time to put pen to paper and compile a Tie Dye Tees Catalog of some of our basic treatments and washes. Sadly we’ve had to leave out the more radical custom effects which we’ve created over the years for our private label work, however, this is a pretty comprehensive guide to the bread and butter hand dye treatments our studio creates on a daily basis.

The dyeing, printing and exotic washes we produce have all been collected together into one dye catalog of washes and treatments for you to sample without having to get your fingers dirty. The garments displayed have all been fished out of our archives of previous work for our select clientele and, should give you a solid grounding into our expertise and back-catalog of work which we’re not afraid to say we’re pretty damned proud of.

If you are in need of a dyed t-shirt catalog, or just browsing our potential for your next project download our washes and treatments catalog here, and be sure to get in touch with us to plan your next hand-dyed apparel range.


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