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Tie Dye Tees is an Artisanal Garment Dye Atelier. We create unique custom dyed garments across the entire Pantone range, in a broad spectrum of finishes to suit any project.

We fulfill low run orders across a host of size specifications and there is nothing we enjoy more than a challenge. Get in touch to discuss our private label t-shirt options.


Our Bleach Over-dye is a complex tee to make. We start with 30 or 20 singles t-shirts and over-dye them to their saturation point, pushing the garment to its limits. Following a patented drying process which helps to temper and strengthen the shirt, we apply a bleach solution onto each shirt by sponge, ensuring an individual, hand-crafted piece of art as the finished product.

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Our one-of-a-kind spiral tie-dye patterns are singularly crafted and hand dyed to ensure that each and every spiral tie dye t-shirt is as unique as its owner. Our dye artists use only 100% cotton t-shirt, which are all ring-spun knits ensuring a buttery soft finish and enduring comfort to each garment. by using only 100% ring-spun cottons we ensure that our superior dyes are correctly absorbed by the garment during the hand-dyeing process and that they stay where they should after several washes—on your t-shirt, not down the drain. The raw prepared-for-dye t-shirts are all North American made and, with proper care, should keep you and your spiral tie-dye feeling groovier for longer.

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Our Levi wash is a truly iconic finish and the one-of-a-kind production process ensures that no two shirts are ever the same. Each garment is individually hand tied, and hand dyed, to create a singular piece of art on a gorgeous cotton canvas. These unique tees are available in a broad spectrum of colors and color combinations to suit any project. Please let us know your requirements and refinements so that we can factor this into your order.

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Our Crystal Wash dyeing is utilizes traditional tray dyeing methods for a low-immersion dye look and distinctive crystalline patterning across the garment. The result is always a unique and hand-finished look and these 100% cotton garments can be created in almost any color you prefer, complete with their singular pattern. Our dye artists work with a loose tying hand-dyeing method, allowing for a "baggy-pattern" to emerge with a crystalline pattern to the dye wash, creating nique design possibilities for printing and tailoring the garment further.

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By utilizing scientifically formulated bleach solutions and utilizing skilled hand application our dye artists can create a truly diverse range of patterns, splatters and spray techniques which are unrivaled in the industry. With varying combinations of bleach strengths, sponge textures and application methods we are able to create patterns unique to any project or need you may have. Enquire about your specific needs and let us help you create a unique, custom-made solution for your apparel needs.

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Our garment burnout process gives blended garments a finely textured, weathered look, perfect for summer and similar lighter tees. We introduce a subtle burnout process into out chemical dyeing of the garment which etches out the natural cotton fibers out to create a sheer, almost translucent finish to parts of the garment, for a truly worn-in look.

Due to the chemical etching, each garment has a unique finish which pairs extremely well with some screen printing techniques and dyeing choices. Our burnout technique can be used in a variety of ways to alter the texture of the garment in specific areas to draw attention or highlight aspects of the design or print.

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The highly sought after oil wash effect in this collection begins with A-grade 100% cotton, 30 singles ring-spun t-shirts. Using the highest quality textiles allows us to create a supremely soft oil washed garments and for the unique pigmentation process to take perfectly, resulting in a uniquely crafted t-shirt with all the worn-in appeal you can handle. The uniquely aged pigmentation offers a worn-in look achieved through aging the pigmentation and softening the garment in a high-temperature dyeing process. Each dyed shirt is carefully hand-crafted and tempered through its creation with special care taken to ensure the dyeing process is unique to each and every garment. The deep greys and “rusted” appeal of this shirt offer the wearer a new wardrobe option in aged tones.

Our Oil Wash line of 30 singles t-shirts starts with superior t-shirt blanks made from 100% ring-spun, made in America cottons. By using the highest quality cotton knits we are able to create an incredibly soft finish to our oil washed garments, allowing for the individual pigmentation processes to take perfectly to this fabric, resulting in a uniquely crafted t-shirt. Our oil washing process tempers the t-shirt whilst slightly aging the base pigmentation, resulting in a deep, buttery soft finish to the garment with a raw, aged pigmentation pattern and beautifully worn-in look. The on-trend color dyes, pigmentation detailing and washing processes ensure we achieve the perfect look for the tailored fit of this fine knitted garment. Using yarns and dyes sourced only in the USA we have created a unique garment with a top-shelf look and feel.

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Our Mineral Over-dye garments are first dyed beyond their saturation point, ensuring a deep over-dye finish. We apply a light wash the over-dyed garments with a signature bleach solution to create an overall textured and worn-in look without ageing or damaging the fabric. Offered in a range of colors this process allows us to create a "lived in," vintage look on a ready-for-retail quality shirt.

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Our Pigment Dyeing process doesn't end when a garment leaves our studio, it carries on after through washes and wears, creating a singular "fingerprint" of worn-in dyeing which is totally unique to the customer. Pigment dyeing is a fascinating process whereby the pigment dyes are bonded to the fabric but, unlike traditional dyes they do not saturate or penetrate the textile. This allows for them to wear off in places where they may rub against the wearer's body, or during the wash. As the pigments are "chipped" away the garment takes on a very sought after worn-in look which is unique to the stresses which the wearer has put the pigments under—in short, creating a "fingerprint" of unique dye patterning.

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Our Flying Vee Tie Dye Shirts have garnered the nickname "V for Victory" here in the studio due to the huge effort it took our dye artists to get them looking just right. The signature vee can be created in any color combination you can think of and remains both iconic and eye catching. Each shirt begins as a 30 singles prepped-for-dyeing blank made from 100% ring-spun cottons. Our dye artists tie, dye and fabricate each "Flying Vee" pattern by hand ensuring that the finish on each shirt has slight, individual variations, making them all unique.

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We field so many inquiries about our finishes and our dyeing processes everyday that we thought it might be time to put pen to paper and compile a Tie Dye Tees Catalog of some of our basic treatments and washes. Sadly we've had to leave out the more radical custom effects which we've created over the years for our private label work, however, this is a pretty comprehensive guide to the bread and butter hand…

At Tie Dye Tees "hand-made" means Made With Love. And we have tons and tons of love for our custom dyed t-shirts. Take a glimpse inside our studio and you'll see a few of our dye artists hard at work creating the unique designs and custom dyed t-shirts which makes our service so valuable to our clients. We're proud of our "hands on" approach to the creative process because many of our dyeing styles and…

Tie Dye Tees is a specialized dyeing atelier based in Los Angeles, California; our goal is to partner closely with our clients in creating truly unique dyed premium apparel with an edgy fashion appeal. Our studio consists of a tight design and consultation team as well as a group of talented dye artists who are responsible for bringing our unique and incredible dye-creations to life. When we say "hand made" we really mean it, and…


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